New Gym Rig and Extension!



As some of you may already know, Marl Pits has been undergoing an extension to have a new rig installed. Good news: it’s open!

With the gym being so successful and the number of members ever-growing, we needed to refurbish the centre to fulfil the gyms need and make space for new training facilities. This new space holds a more functional weight training area as well as the gym rig structure.

This rig consists of a total of 8 workout stations including punch bags and weightlifting areas, meaning all you gym-goers to focus on strength and functional training.

The new gym rig frame has been made by Exigo, a Rochdale based fitness brand who design and manufacture innovative gym equipment and accessories. Kaycliffe Ltd carried out the building work. This company is based in Bury and specialise in commercial buildings.


It’s a top-class training facility to go alongside our original gym set-up to offer all of our members the best possible workout experience we can. We have also added brand new Gym Gear equipment including kettle bells and medicine balls.

Come along to Marl Pits and try it out!

Rossendale Colour Dash 2017


The streets were awash with colour as hundreds took part in Rossendale first ever Colour Dash.

More than 500 people took part in the event with participants getting showered in powdered paint during the 4km course – all in the name of charity.

Colour dashers got into the groove with a performance from dance group Dance Like Nobody’s Watching (DNLW) before actor and presenter Ted Robbins officially started the Dash at Marl Pits Leisure Centre.

Keen runners to gentle walkers, all dressed in white, followed the route, passing through five colour stations.

The colour station were sponsored by Keenan’s estate agents, Woodcock, Howarth and Nuttall Solicitors, Big Tank Media and Rossendale Leisure trust.

CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_02 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_03 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_04 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_05 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_06 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_07 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_08 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_09 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_10 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_11 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_12 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_13 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_14 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_15 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_16 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_17 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_18 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_19 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_20 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_21 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_22 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_23 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_24 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_25 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_26 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_27 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_28 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_29 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_30 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_31 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_32 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_33 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_34 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_35 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_36 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_37 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_38 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_39 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_40 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_41 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_42 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_43 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_44 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_45 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_46 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_47 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_48 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_49 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_50 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_51 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_52 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_53 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_54 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_55 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_56 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_57 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_58 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_59 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_60 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_61 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_62 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_63 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_64 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_65 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_66 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_67 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_68 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_69 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_70 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_71 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_72 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_73 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_74 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_75 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_76 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_77 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_78 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_79 CJH_Hospice Colour_Run_230917_80

Rossendale Business Award – Finalist’s!



We would love to share some news with you….

We are delighted to have been nominated and shortlisted for the 2016 Rossendale Business Awards ‘Tourism’ category alongside other fantastic businesses in our Valley.

We hope all of our members/visitors will be rooting for us to win at the event on Wednesday 7th November, we will be updating you via social media throughout the evening to fill you in.

We’ve had some fantastic new additions to our centres over the past year and are proud to continue to continuously provide new services for Rossendale.

The RLT Team.

Easter Holidays!

To coincide with the Easter Holidays we have extended our swim sessions to include lots activities such as, ‘mats and balls’ , ‘wet and wild’ and public swim to suit our customers. These sessions are spread across the main pool and the small pool, all ages are welcome. Please note: children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult in the pool.

To view our Easter swim timetable please click here